April 11, 2012

New Life Cakes

Image by Hatcheu.blogspot.com

On the third day Jesus rose from the dead to new life.
On the first day he died on the cross, sacrificed himself so we could have new life.

What about the second day?  What about Holy Saturday?  What to do with the day of waiting, wondering, what if this is all very real?

May I suggest cooking New Life Cakes?  I discovered this idea at A Holy Experience, but I cannot seem to find the original article for you now.  She tells a story about waiting on Saturday.  What must the disciples have been thinking with all this waiting.  Did they remember Jesus would rebuild his Temple in three days?  Were they on alert?  Were they even breathing or were they numb, anxious, hopeful?

Best to spend time today baking, combining ingredients that are nothing separately.  Put them together and beauty bakes delicious.

Image by Homestoriesatoz.com

Obtain small terra cotta pots, one for each person.  Line the pots carefully with parchment paper, allowing the edges to fold over the rim of the pot.  Secure with scotch tape.

Prepare chocolate cake batter, brown like dirt to remind us that we have come from dust, and to dust we shall return.

Pour batter into pots and bake until perfection.  When cool, frost with chocolate icing.

Insert a sprig of fresh mint to remind us of how Jesus brings life out of dirt and makes us grow.

Line the pots on the counter, ready and waiting for Easter dessert!

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