How to Use This Site

Are you wondering how to find what you're looking for at Joy Before You?

If you are coming here looking for something specific, the search box and list of labels on the right side bar should guide you to what you need.

There are labels for the content areas {Literacy, Math, Science, Faith, Culture, Art} as well as for the months that the lessons are the most seasonally appropriate {September, March, etc.}.  You will also find labels identifying posts by theme {We Love Pets, Thankfulness, etc.} and other content-specific information and skills such as {Counting, Phonics, Eggs, Painting}.

If you can't locate what you need, please send me an email at and I will let you know if there is something here to meet your request.

If you are coming here simply to browse, you can use the search box and labels as well, or you can dig in with the front page article.  At the end of each post are three additional articles that might catch your eye.  Also, at the bottom of the right side bar is the archive of all the posts written here according to when they were written.  Note that the posts about winter might actually occur in July in the archives because of when I wrote them.  Nevertheless, they will be found appropriately under "January" and "Winter" in the list of labels.

Thanks for stopping by!
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