April 11, 2012

Easter Truths Through Art

Image by Crafts-for-all-seasons.com
The study of Easter is a good time to learn about the difference between sickness and health, both physically and spiritually.  Other areas of this unit explore these concepts in depth.  We extend this to our art study in the following ways.

Paint a person who is sick physically or spiritually.  Children may choose someone they know or do not know.  Help them to think about how we know someone is sick and how to portray this in their painting.  Maybe they paint a person in bed or with a thermometer in his mouth.  Maybe they paint someone crying or with bandaids on his knees.  Maybe they paint someone who is sad or mad because she has hurt someone else.  Perhaps they even paint Jesus whose body was so badly hurt at the crucifixion.   This may be too much for them.  It depends on the child.  Thinking about hurting physically or spiritually though, helps prepare our minds to thinking about physical and spiritual healing.

Use popsicle sticks and hot glue to create a cross.  Paint it as desired.  Display it in a window after it dries.  Leave the cross displayed in the window.  On Easter, color and cut out paper flowers.  Maybe you can reuse some colorful candy wrappers or boxes to make flowers.  Tape them to the window with the cross.  Consider adding Easter grass.

Next Time
Have you ever wondered what will Jesus look like after the resurrection? The bible tells us his disciples didn't even recognize him.  Imagine the risen Lord aloud with your child.  Consider all the aspects of his appearance.

Have your child illustrate the resurrected Christ with markers or oil pastels.  When the illustration is complete, encourage your child to dictate to you (and you write in down) his or her description of the image.  Display both together in your home.

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