May 25, 2012

What Children Really Need to Know

I just want children to know the world is their classroom.

I mentioned last time (about an hour ago) how I was needing to adjust my focus.  My world has been clouded these past few weeks with busy-ness, some necessary and some not.  Then today I wrote here and read this article from my personal blog, and everything cleared up.  My heart softened.  My lungs breathed deeply.  My body relaxed.

Clarity is coming.

The wonderful, humbling, frustrating thing is that it is coming because I asked it to.  I laid on the bed, settled my heart, quieted my mind.  I needed clarity.  I asked God for it, and he brought it.  He brought it immediately.

Hmm, maybe I should've asked sooner?

Don't you love that?  Maybe if I had laid, settled, quieted at the first sign of haziness, maybe then I wouldn't have been wandering through this fog the past few weeks.  Or maybe, perhaps, I needed to get far enough off track to notice.  To notice, "Nope, this isn't it.  I'm off course.  This foggy, unproductive, wandering place is not my Narrow Road."  This is how I'm pruned.  This is how I learn.

This is how children learn, too, and this is why I write here.

Children don't require manipulatives, pencils, and glue to learn - albeit those things can help.  Children really need experiences, testing, checking, trying, practicing.  Just like you and me.  They need you and me to encourage, challenge, provide, facilitate, scaffold, nurture, inquire, wonder, wander, think, reflect, and offer.

The world is my classroom, too.

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