April 16, 2012

Make Like a Chick and Hatch

Dramatic play is an important activity for young children.  Recreating events they see or read about helps children develop greater understanding of the event.

Encourage children to pretend to be a hatching egg.  Remind them about the beginning, middle, and end of this process.  Supply them with large boxes (that they can fit in) to hatch out of.

Image by Edenparadigm.com

What words can they use to describe their behavior?
-Break through
-Crack open
-See the light
-Cheep, cheep
-Breathe fresh air

What tools do chicks have at their disposal to help them hatch?
-Beaks to peck holes in the shell
-Feet to claw at and push open the shell
-Wings to poke and prod the shell away

Many other animals hatch from eggs as well.  How does that look different or the same as chicks hatching?

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