Philosophy of Education

Learning is a walk of discovery - not a race for information.

It is tough work to put an educational philosophy into words.  To me a philosophy feels more like a principle in my heart than words on a page.  It's hard to describe, but I know it when I see it.  My philosophy is joy on the journey; in the making and doing and learning.

It is being present in the moment.

It is exploration and discovery.

It is curious, whole-hearted wonder.

It is guiding little by little with respect for the learner's unique passions, gifts, inclinations.

It is playful.

It is a chain of events from wonder, to fascination, to understanding.

It is careful, loving scaffolding.

It is trying.  It is persevering.  It is practicing.

It is pointing to God with our thoughts, words and actions.

It is acknowledging our need, accepting His provision, praising His holy name.

It is offering children a child-centered, adult-facilitated, supportive learning environment designed specifically towards the physical, social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional needs of the young learner.

It is learning for the whole person.

It is tangible, relevant, and engaging.

It is learning life for the inherent joy within the feat.
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