April 16, 2012

Have a HEALTHY Easter

During the week of Easter, we also study health.  We consider concepts of doctors, medicine, the measurements the doctor takes, healing, and how you know someone is sick or healthy.

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Ask what your child knows about medicine and going to the doctor.  Do they have the right idea?

Read:  The Berenstain Bears Go To the Doctor by Stan & Jan Berenstain

What happened with the bears went to the doctor?  If someone is sick, how do they get well again?

Doctors take many measurements.  Together with your child, take measurements of your bodies, and record them on a homemade chart.  Measure your height and waist dimensions.  Take your temperature.  Determine how much your body weighs.  These are some of the tools a doctor uses to understand your health.

Doctors help sick people get well, but there is a lot people can do to stay well so they don't have to go to the doctor.  Ask your child how he knows someone is sick.  Ask your child how he knows someone is healthy.  Can someone look healthy, but actually be sick?  Is it possible to look sick, but actually be healthy?  This is why it's important to get check-ups at the doctor.


Next Time
During your child's life, it will be very important for him or her to choose healthy habits.  The three habits we interact with every day are food, exercise, and sleep.  Brainstorm ways to be healthy with food, exercise, and sleep.  How much do you need of each?

Read: Little Pea by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This is an adorable story about a family of peas that eat only candy for dinner.  The little pea "child" hates eating candy for dinner, but endures it for his favorite dessert -spinach!  Laugh along with your little ones, because this one is definitely a keeper.  Similarly hilarious topsy turvy tales are Little Hoot and Little Oink.

Fold a piece of paper in half.  Encourage your child to color one food they don't like on the left and one food they really like on the right.  Are they willing to eat the one on the left to get the one on the right?

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