March 19, 2012

Noah's Ark ART

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Paint an empty Kleenex box brown to be an ark.  Use several shades of brown to obtain at look similar to real wood.  After it dries, fill it with two of various animals or other pairs of like objects such as Legos, crayons, cotton balls, etc.  Be sure the size of the objects is not small enough to cause a choking hazard if your child is under three years old.

Cut out a large ark shape from paper.  Allow your child to use animal shaped sponges to stamp animals inside the ark.  Encourage (but don't demand-keep it light) your child to stamp them two by two.

Next Time
1.  Best done outside, paint the heavy rains that caused the flood.  Attach a large sheet of white paper to an easel or clothespin to a chain link fence.  Dilute blue paint in water to a drip-able consistency.  Clothe your child in a paint smock (and possibly yourself, too).  Explain that we are painting the paper only to look like the heavy flood rains.  Paint the rain by either a) drenching a paintbrush in diluted paint, holding at top of paper and allowing it to drip and drop down naturally, b) fill spray bottle with diluted paint and spray the rain on (explore with different angles of the spray to the paper for various drip effects), or c) dip old toothbrush in diluted paint and swipe finger across brush ends being carefully to point the ends towards the paper.  How does it look?

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2.  Cut two large pieces of paper into arc shapes.  Using red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet paints, model for your child how to paint a rainbow.  Starting with red, paint it all the way across the top portion of the arc.  Follow in a similar way with the remaining colors.  It's not as important that your child puts the colors in the correct order, as that he recognizes that the rainbow is a beautiful gift from God so we will remember his promise of hope.

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