May 10, 2012

Can You Splash Like a Sprinkler + Storm Safety

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Today we have an opportunity for two types of dramatic play involving water.

1.  The first idea exercise is one for creative movement.  Sometime during the week read Water Voices written by Toby Speed and illustrated by Julie Downing.  Allow the children to guess to what form of water the poem is referring.  After the initial reading, read again, but this time -in a large space- encourage the children to be the water with their bodies.  Can they act like a wave, pour like the rain, splash like a sprinkler?

2.  As time allows, maybe during the discussion of precipitation or perhaps when a storm brews in your neighborhood, talk to the children about storm safety:

Do they know what a thunderstorm is?  
Do they know what a tornado is?  
Are there other types of storms that occur in your area during the spring?

Review with the children your family's or your school's plan for storm safety:

Is there a siren or announcement?  What does it sound like?
Where do they go and what do they do when they hear the siren or announcement?
Is there anything they shouldn't do?
Teach the children about remaining calm and practice it with them.

Dramatic play is a way for children to rehearse real life events.  Usually we have them practice home life or being at the doctor's office, but we can also encourage them to practice storm safety.  Encourage them to practice remaining calm and going quietly to the safe place in the event of a storm.  This will really build their confidence and may even save their lives!

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